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Theme: Placement/traineeship

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  List of European programmes followed by national translations with national contacts. (number of results: 29)

AIESEC International Traineeship Exchange Programme (EU0010000105)
AIESEC offers the opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in areas of management, information technology, education, and development. This programme is for students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education who are interested in world issues, leadership and management.
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More details: CZ  DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LT  LU  NO  RO  SI  SK 

DG Interpretation bursaries (EU0010000177)
Study bursaries for students of all disciplines who have been accepted for a full-time postgraduate training course in conference interpreting offered by a recognised university or university-level institution.
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More details: CZ  DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LT  LU  PT  RO  SI  SK 

EU-Canada programme for Co-operation in Higher Education, Training and Youth (TEP, TDP) (EU0010000036)
aims primarily at promoting mutual understanding between the peoples of the EU Member States and Canada, including a broader knowledge of their languages, cultures and institutions, and to improve the quality of human resources in both the European Community and in Canada
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  RO  SI  SK 

Executive Training Programme (ETP) in Japan (EU0010000240)
is a year placement for European executives wishing to acquire the necessary language and business skills to become successful on the Japanese market.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  HU  IT  RO 

Executive Training Programme (ETP) in Korea (EU0010000241)
ETP Korea is a 12 month professional development programme for EU executives with two training phases, the first one taking place in Europe and the second in Korea
EU details
More details: DE  ES  HU  IT  RO 

IAESTE Exchange programme (EU0010000253)
provides students at institutions of higher education the opportunity to gain technical experience abroad related to their studies in the field of science, technology or engineering.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  RO  SI  SK 

Internship programme at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (EU0010000150)
This programme offers work experience for graduate students at the OHCHR.
EU details
More details: DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO  SI  SK 

Internship Programme at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) (EU0010000223)
traineeships for a limited number of people which last between two and six months and takes place throughout the year.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  NO  RO  SK 

Internships at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (EU0010000244)
eleven months interships in Brussels within the Information, Legal, Advocacy and Policy projects of ECRE.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  HU  IT  RO 

Internships at the European Foundation Centre (EU0010000243)
paid internship to assist the European Foundation Centre in Brussels, which aims to promote the work of foundations and corporate funders in and with Europe.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  RO  SK 

Internships at the World Bank (EU0010000263)
offer opportunities for study and work that provide hands-on experience in the field of economics and social issues
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO 

Internships at UNESCO (EU0010000285)
students, researchers and national civil servants can apply for unpaid internships of 1 to 4 months at the UNESCO headquarters
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  IT  LU  RO  SK 

STEP Student Trainee Exchange Programme (EU0010000215)
makes it possible for law students and young lawyers to gain working experience abroad
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  NO  PT  RO  SI  SK 

Traineeship at CEDEFOP (EU0010000219)
CEDEFOP offers one nine-month period of in-service training (stage) for young university graduates but also to PhD students, without excluding those who "in the framework of lifelong learning" have recently obtained a university diploma and are at the beginning of a new professional career. The training period involve work experience in one of the departments of CEDEFOP and run from 1 October to end of June each year.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeship at the Council of the European Union (EU0010000021)
The General Secretariat of the Council organises in-service training periods for university students and graduates and employees in the public or private sector.
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  LV  NO  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeship at the Court of Justice (EU0010000180)
offers a limited number of paid traineeships of a maximum duration of five months.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LT  LU  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeships and Fellowships at the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) (EU0010000192)
the ECML recruits trainees twice a year for a training period of three to six months and awards maximum three fellowships each year.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeships and student summer jobs at the European Investment Bank (EU0010000181)
a one to five month traineeship in the areas of finance, audit, economy and engineering at the European Union's financing institution and also summer jobs from June to September for students
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  RO  SK 

Traineeships and Study Visits at the European Parliament (EU0010000004)
Offers paid or unpaid traineeships within its Secretariat in order to contribute to the vocational training of young citizens, and to the understanding of the working of the institution.
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  LV  NO  PT  RO  SI  SK 

Traineeships at the Committee of the Regions (EU0010000020)
The Committee of the Regions organises five month CoR Traineeship and Short-term study visits for young citizens, from Europe and elsewhere, offering them the opportunity to acquire work experience in a European institution.
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  LV  NO  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeships at the Council of Europe (EU0010000091)
two sessions each year, lasting from eight weeks to five months. Traineeships take place in March/July, September/January.
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  NO  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeships at the Court of Auditors (EU0010000212)
the Court of Auditors organises paid or unpaid in-service training periods in fields of interest to its work for a maximum period of five months.
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  RO  SK 

Traineeships at the Economic and Social Committee (EU0010000152)
The ESC organises in-service training periods of long and short duration.
EU details
More details: DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  NO  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeships at the European Commission - Administrative in - service training periods (EU0010000072)
five month training periods for university graduates and employees in the public or private sector.
EU details
More details: DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  NO  PT  RO  SI  SK 

Traineeships at the European Commission - Translation traineeships (EU0010000090)
Three to five months traineeships are available for graduates who wish to have in-house professional translation experience.
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO  SI  SK 

Traineeships at the European Ombudsman (EU0010000147)
Traineeships are offered relevant to the work of the European Ombudsman.
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO  SK 

Traineeships at the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe (EU0010000352)
The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe organises unpaid traineeships from one to three-month periods for persons who have completed their higher education or have successfully completed at least three years of university study (six semesters)
EU details
More details: DE  ES  IT  PT  RO 

Traineeships at the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) - Trade marks and Designs (EU0010000234)
Traineeships for young university graduates, organised in two periods lasting five months each
EU details
More details: DE  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO  SK 

Vulcanus in Japan (EU0010000064)
industrial placements for EU students in Japan.
EU details
More details: CZ  DE  DK  ES  FR  HU  IT  LU  PT  RO  SI 
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