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12 February 2018

At Eurodesk, we believe that the online presence of a youth organisation has to be based on a constant renewal and change. This is why we made a decision in early 2017 to revamp our website and put forward everything what our network stands for in a more focused and organised way. As a result, we proud to present you the new online home of the network. Welcome to the new Eurodesk website!


At the heart of the discussions related to the new website has always been three main elements. Firstly, we wanted to create an information hub that provides relevant information and international opportunities for both youth workers and young people in a straightforward and intuitive way. Secondly, we wanted to create a a collection of expertise and knowledge from the Eurodesk network of over 1000 youth workers. With the new website, Eurodesk brings visibility to the countless projects that Eurodesk carries out at local, national and European level to inform all young people about ways to experience the world.


Start your journey on our new website by reading through the quick guides, available from the main page. You can also start by reading about the history of Eurodesk and where do we stand now as an organisation. Eurodesk advocates for many youth mobility related causes and programmes, you can read about these standpoints under the 'Policy points' menu. If you would like to get familiar with the projects of the network, we encourage you to read about them under the 'Our Projects' menu. Should you need information about hand-picked and quality checked opportunities abroad, you need to head to the 'Opportunities hub'. You are always welcome to 'Contact us', if you need further assistance.


It is great to have you here. We hope you will enjoy the new website.

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