A note from the Eurodesk President on the Eurodesk 30 celebrations

23 January 2020

A mobility broadens the mind and is the most valuable way to enhance youth learning possibilities, autonomy and active citizenship necessary for us, as different communities, to interact in a multicultural society. Every person has a unique journey of his or her own. Eurodesk desire was always to invoke a new desire in a young person to discover his or her fullest potential to experience the world and find the answers who I am as a person, as a community member, as a citizen.


Hard work, knowledge, determination – all of that is secondary. The first is belief. However, it is something that everyone of us time to time lack of. Especially, if you are young and not sure what is unique and extraordinary about you and your skills. It is really important to have a person or find someone who could help or inspire you to believe that “I can”. 


Working as a youth information worker and mobility advisor I have realized that in pushing others towards discovering their potential I find my own. When we, as Eurodesk, seek to be a resource to those who are around us we empower ourselves. What is our network’s potential? An answer to this question could be the "ice cream choice" analogy. Thirty years ago, there were three varieties to choose from: chocolate, vanilla and, let’s say, fruit. Nowadays, there are at least 20 major types of ice cream. It takes much more time to choose from. The same with young people – older generations can be jealous about the opportunities and freedom of choice young people have today, despite that, it takes much more effort for them to make a decision. 


The journey of discovering your strengths is a life-long process. Our potential is to challenge those new difficulties that every decade brings in and help people at their young age to make their decisions easier because we already believe in them. 


Start with us and discover yourself in this exciting world!


Ingrida Jotkaite, Eurodesk President

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