Time to Move 2021: Information events about European opportunities in around 30 countries

01 October 2021

Eurodesk organises the Time to Move campaign every October to inform young people about studying, volunteering and internship opportunities abroad and to help them find the most suitable programmes for their personal and professional development. This year, the campaign is back with a refreshed look and a new website that collects around 1000 events in over 30 countries to an activity map.


Time to Move provides a frame to a wide range of activities that always focus on bringing European opportunities closer to young people. Participants can choose from regular information sessions in schools, at fairs or during festivals, to more unique events such as mountain-hiking, tree planting, board game evenings or concerts. Eurodesk’s goal remains the same: to inform young people about studying, volunteering and internship placements abroad and to provide space for them to talk about and plan their future projects.



In the past year, nearly 1000 events were carried out by 300 organisations in 30 countries. Time to Move activities have a strong focus on underprivileged young people who do not usually get the chance to know more about funded European opportunities. Making them aware of local Eurodesk information points is also a priority, so they always can turn to a professional, if they feel the need to discuss their plans and how international projects can contribute to their future.


In 2021, young people can also participate in a virtual game developed by Eurodesk. ‘Time to Move: Adventures in Berlin’ is a two-player point-and-click game inspired by escape rooms where players cooperate to solve riddles and challenges. Each player plays as one of two siblings who, when they visited their grandmother Emma, found out she had mysteriously disappeared. By following her trail of hints, players travel to Berlin where they meet new friends, get involved in the local community and try to find the answer to the question: Where did Emma go? The game will be available to play during Time to Move activities in many locations, all over Europe.


As part of the Time to Move campaign, Eurodesk organises its yearly contest to collect young people’s input from all over Europe. With a focus on inclusivity, the new format of the Time to Move Contest will provide a chance for young people aged 13 to 30 years to participate in four different challenges to win great prizes. The photo, story, short movie and illustration challenges each have a different theme related to Europe that will be revealed every two weeks during the months of September and October.


The official website of the campaign is available in 19 languages and allows visitors to browse through events via an interactive map and to enter the contest with a few clicks. Visit the page at timetomove.info or find Eurodesk on Instagram to follow the campaign and stay updated on the latest developments.

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