Eurodesk Strategy 2022-2027: On the path to greener and more inclusive youth information services

19 November 2021

Eurodesk is a policy support network of the European Union, supported by the European Commission since its launch in 1990. Currently it is funded under the Erasmus+ Key action 3 “Support to policy development and cooperation” (2021-2027).

The Eurodesk Strategy 2022-2027 publication sets out long-term orientations for the Eurodesk Network in order to increase its impact and strengthen its role in the youth (information) field throughout Europe. It aims to provide the Network with more consistency and to enable it to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

This document is written in a very particular context, in which young people have been especially impacted. The pandemic jeopardised their socio-economic integration, had a negative effect on their mental health and well-being but also influenced their plans and dreams. If youth work has been identified as part of the solution in giving options and support to young people, the sector has not been identified as a target area in most national recovery funds.

It is therefore confronted with difficulties in addressing the urgent needs of young people.

Despite those difficulties, youth (information) work has a responsibility to address the large societal challenges ahead of us. It has the potential to be instrumental to facilitate inclusion and be a space for diversity for young people. Eurodesk wants to support this ambition by offering strong membership services to its network and quality information services to
young people and those supporting them.

Eurodesk’s vision aims to support the development of strong national and European youth information services, to build bridges between Europe and its young citizens, and to create a community of actors in the youth sector. The European Year of Youth will put light on various EU initiatives and programmes targeting youth in Europe. It’s an opportunity to do more and better together, building on our diverse national situations and on what unites us.

At the core of this strategy is the network of Eurodesk National Centres and their multipliers who are on the ground, and in direct contact with young people. Community-based face-to-face outreach has better potential of reaching younger target groups as well as those with fewer opportunities. Offering access to information via an established structure in local communities contributes to building trust and gives a personal and relatable face to Europe.

By investing in learning and development, by sharing information resources and tools, and by providing spaces to network and learn from each other, Eurodesk aims to be a dynamic and supportive network, making the best use of the European, national and local levels.

Read the Eurodesk Strategy 2022-2027 publication in the Publication Gallery.

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