Don’t Let Others Choose for You! Eurodesk boosts action ahead of the 2024 European Elections

06 May 2024

Vote in the 2024 European Elections, because if you don't, somebody else will decide for you. Chances are you won't like that decision.

With the first part of its EU Elections campaign completed, Eurodesk now launches the second phase. Eurodesk calls on young people and first-time voters to go to the polls and decide their future. Young people should learn about the candidates in their countries, and vote according to their values and ideals!

What will happen during the second phase:

The second part will kick off on May 2 and will run until June 5. During this phase, Eurodesk Brussels Link has produced eight different poster scenarios. Using funny yet real situations, each scenario shows a case where someone made a decision for a young person. Spoiler alert: they did not like that decision.

The posters will be shared across Europe with the Eurodesk Network, to be translated and to help create a buzz in the run-up to the European Elections.

You can find the posters in English below:

Feeling Competitive?

Participate in our design/photo competition and let us know what 'Don’t let others choose for you' means to you when thinking about the European Elections. The winners will be decided through public voting. The first winner will receive an Interrail Ticket. Deadline: May 17.

Want to check our Information campaign?

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