Eurodesk Multipliers and National Coordinators, assemble! Eurodesk teamed up with Chase to bring your projects to the spotlight. The Chase x Eurodesk initiative brings together Chase's network of creative storytellers, eager to report on stories dealing with societal change and the Eurodesk network working on projects that make the difference in the local communities. Are you working for an organisation that changes the lives of others? Do you have an outstanding project? Do you know an inspiring person to talk about? Would you like to host a young storyteller to tell your story? Apply now!

What is Chase?

Chase is an urban community with hundreds of young social storytellers working for a digital-first audience. They create stories tailored to the online community in 4 themes: urban music, lifestyle, creatives and society. Visit their website or Facebook page to know more.

Why did we team up?

It's simple: Chase has young storytellers, and Eurodesk has great stories. Both networks believe in the power of societal change at the level of local communities, so why not team up to spread the word about inspiring stories to the people of internet? Chase's stories are always created by young people, for young people and with social media shareability in mind. This is a perfect match!

Chase stories

Chase creates inspirational stories tailored to the online community: blog posts, interviews, interactive videos, live video, photo reporting, etc. They always find the best way to tell each story.

Yaqine CPHopen (20 van 42)_

How does this work?


Find the application form on the bottom of this page. The deadline to apply is 31 January 2019.


After the deadline, Chase and Eurodesk Brussels Link will select a minimum of three projects that will be covered by young storytellers.


Storytellers travel to the locations of the winning proposals* Hosting Multipliers / National Coordinators welcome the storytellers and show them around.


After and during the visit, storytellers work on the report and media materials of the stories. Once finished, the stories are shared on various channels.

*Eurodesk Brussels Link covers the travel and accomodation costs up to 250€ per project
(three travel grants will be awarded by EBL).

Your organisation will be mentioned in the story so it is an amazing opportunity to highlight your work at European level. Chase will post about it on their website and social media pages; Eurodesk Brussels Link will post about it on its website, social media pages and the European Youth Portal. Of course you will be free to share the story on your channels, too. The work with a young storyteller will equip you with knowledge about how to effectively cover your events on social media. So much to gain and nothing to lose!

What are we looking for?


How relevant is the topic of the application related to current societal challenges?


How much impact the project/organisation/person made to the local communities?


How shareable is the story on social media? How much engagement will it possibly have?

Apply now

The deadline to apply is 31 January. If you have questions, please contact your national coordinators / Eurodesk Brussels Link.


Eurodesk Brussels Link 
Rue aux Fleurs 32
1000, Brussels
[email protected]

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