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Euroclasses is a successful Polish initiative consisting of ready-made info-sessions, addressed at secondary school pupils. In 2016, Eurodesk Brussels Link and national partners developed a European, English version based on the Polish Euroclasses guide.


Euroclasses are an addition to other informational activities offered by Eurodesk (responding to queries, databases, newsletters and publications). The classes are carried out by Eurodesk multipliers and revolve around topics such as studying, volunteering, working abroad, and active citizenship. Each class lasts 45 minutes and uses diverse methods: brainstorming, individual-pair-group work and interactive mini-lectures. Their goals are to show young people the opportunities resulting from the European Union membership; to introduce the practical dimension of the EU’s principle of free movement of persons; to present the EU funds for youth and to acquaint young people with the basic goals of the EU youth policy.


The most important principle of the Euroclasses is that they are impartial and purely informational. They are not about convincing, putting pressure or making judgements. They are offered as 'informational products', communicated in an accessible and attractive way. It is a space to share basic knowledge, broaden horizons, invite reflection and encourage to look for further information.

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