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Eurodesk, the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) and the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) are three European organisations committed to promote quality youth information services, youth mobility, and to foster young people’s autonomy and active participation in society. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 11 September 2016 in Brussels in order to strengthen our cooperation.


As a concrete follow up, the three networks have published a joint position paper “Engage. Inform. Empower.” on the role of learning mobility and youth information in the framework of the future EU Youth Strategy.


EYCA, ERYICA and Eurodesk run the joint project 'Reach More Young People: Promotion of Youth Work and Youth Information Services', from January to June 2017. The project aimed at broadening understanding of practices and policies in youth work and youth information internationally and at enhancing the modernisation and effectiveness of youth work and youth information services. A joint training was organised in Brussels on 5-7 April 2017, and a collection of good practices was produced to showcase innovate examples of how to reach out and engage young people.


The European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM) is a network coordinated by the European Union - Council of Europe Youth Partnership. It focuses on the learning mobility of young people and practitioners in the youth field. Learning mobility in this framework aims to increase participation, active citizenship, intercultural learning and dialogue, individual competency development and employability of young people.


Eurodesk is a member of the steering group of the European Platform on Learning Mobility. This group consists of researchers, policy makers and practitioners. In 2016, the EPLM has worked on a Charter on Quality Framework for Learning Mobility in the Youth Field and is currently developing related indicators. The results will be discussed at the EPLM biannual conference to take place in France in January 2018.


Eurodesk together with the European Youth Forum and the Lifelong Learning Platform has launched a joint campaign calling for a 10 times budget increase of the Erasmus+ programme in the context of the Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations for 2021-2028.


During the Rome Summit on the 60th anniversary of the Treaty, political leaders mentioned Erasmus as the EU's biggest achievement in changing the lives of 9 million Europeans. If the suggested increase seems ambitious at first glance, the Erasmus+ Coalition recalls that only 4 million people (around 0.8% of EU citizens) are expected to benefit from Erasmus+ and that the programme only represents 1,4% of the overall EU budget in the 2014-2020 period.


A X10 increase would send a strong political message to EU citizens by putting at the fore the need to build stronger ties between them and to foster a common European identity. It would also allow more individuals to benefit from a mobility experience, therefore improving their life prospects with higher employability chances and stronger political participation. Finally, it would contribute to modernise our education systems.


Eurodesk invites you to share the campaign and to sign the petition!


The European Youth Week places every two years all over Europe to celebrate and promote youth activities. It consists of a broad range of events and activities organised in all 33 countries participating in Erasmus+, under the coordination of the National Agencies for Youth. The next edition is planned to take place in 2019.


Eurodesk cooperates very closely with the National Agencies in proposing and organising activities during the European Youth Week. In 2017, the Week stressed the values of solidarity, engagement, participation and inclusion in line with EU-level initiatives such as European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and the celebrations of 30 years of Erasmus.

There is even more.

Every year Eurodesk issues its Annual Overview publication to collect the network's best practice from all over Europe. Browse through European, national and even local initiatives in the Eurodesk Annual Overview 2016.



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