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Time to Move is a flagship campaign of the Eurodesk network that is organised yearly, during one month in October. In 2016, 622 Time to Move activities took place in 19 European countries, aimed at informing young people on international opportunities about studying, volunteering and doing internships abroad. With the offline activities, Eurodesk reached around 130.000 European young people directly.


The campaign is backed up with a dedicated website - – providing online resources about mobility opportunities. Through the website interested young people could also get comprehensive information about the upcoming events via an interactive map. The website is translated into 12 languages, giving international visitors quick and easy access to the contents.


Visit the campaign's website for more information.


The Eurodesk Awards were established in 2011 to celebrate the day-to-day work of Eurodesk’s local multipliers, who are helping young people discover and seize the numerous opportunities Europe has to offer.


The 2017 edition of the Eurodesk Awards received 34 submissions from 11 countries. The four best projects were awarded in four different categories. During the year, Eurodesk highlighted all the projects to Eurodesk's stakeholders at European level, and thus helped local projects to come to the fore and get European-wide visibility.



Euroclasses is a successful Polish initiative consisting of ready-made info-sessions, addressed at secondary school pupils. The classes are carried out by Eurodesk multipliers and revolve around topics such as studying, volunteering, working abroad, and active citizenship.


In 2016, Eurodesk Brussels Link and national partners developed a European, English version based on the Polish Euroclasses guide. Euroclasses are an addition to other informational activities offered by Eurodesk (responding to queries, databases, newsletters and publications). Their goals are to show young people the opportunities resulting from the European Union membership; to introduce the practical dimension of the EU’s principle of free movement of persons; to present the EU funds for youth and to acquaint young people with the basic goals of the EU youth policy. Euroclasses are designed to share basic knowledge, broaden horizons, invite reflection and invite participants to look for further information.


Owned by the European Commission, and powered by the Eurodesk network, the European Youth Portal offers European and national information and opportunities that are of interest to young people who are living, learning and working in Europe. It gives information around eight main themes - active participation, culture and creativity, social inclusion, global issues, education, volunteering, working and travelling – and it covers 34 countries in 28 languages. The Eurodesk network also answers young people’s enquiries via the portal in the 8 themes and regarding the European Solidarity Corps initiative.

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There is even more.

Every year Eurodesk issues its Annual Overview publication to collect the network's best practice from all over Europe. Browse through European, national and even local initiatives in the Eurodesk Annual Overview 2016.



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