Eurodesk and ERYICA have joined forces to develop the first European competence framework for youth information workers - YouthInfoComp. The framework sets out to ensure that youth information professionals possess the necessary competences to support young people and provide quality services. Eurodesk and ERYICA developed this framework with the intention of increasing the quality of youth information work in Europe, and fostering a greater understanding and visibility among users, policy-makers and stakeholders.

The publication provides the reader with an overview of the context of youth information work in Europe in 2021. This overview was developed through a network-wide study surveying Eurodesk and ERYICA members on the status of youth information work in their countries and the recognition of youth information professionals. Together the two networks adopted a joint definition of the role:


“Youth information workers, or other professionals delivering youth information, deliver youth information services to young people in a variety of settings/environments in order to support their well-being. They ensure that information services are accessible, resourced and welcoming for young people and run online and/or face-to-face outreach activities aimed at both individual and group users. Youth information workers aim to enable young people to make their own informed choices and become autonomous and active citizens.”


YouthInfoComp was the second step of the process, creating a shared reference tool for describing the competences to successfully implement the role. The framework comprises three competence areas and twelve competences with their specific set of indicators. Each competence is further elaborated with a specific title and description which explains the value and application of the competence to youth information work.


Mobility Advisor Competence Framework - how is this different from YouthInfoComp?


Eurodesk has a competence framework specific for its members implementing Eurodesk services. This framework takes into account the general competences of YouthInfoComp and goes even deeper to specialise on youth information work in the field of European learning mobility. 

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