Quick guide for people working with youth

Eurodesk federates around 2100 local youth information providers, so-called “multipliers” that are regional or local organisations working with young people, delivering youth information to them and advising them on mobility opportunities. Multipliers can be youth centres, associations, municipalities etc. but despite their variety, the core of their mission as Eurodesk multipliers is the same. To ensure the quality of services in all the 37 Eurodesk countries, Eurodesk offers its members quality training and support, and access to youth information services and tools.

Free access to learning mobility information

Most Eurodesk services are provided through the Eurodesk intranet. By getting access to the intranet, multipliers also gain access to

  • regularly updated learning mobility information,
  • publications containing EU information in the youth field,
  • the partner search tool in which multipliers can post a European-wide call for their projects,
  • and a platform to exchange messages nationally and internationally with other Eurodesk youth professionals in Europe.

National support and regular meetings

In each country Eurodesk services vary but national Eurodesk Centres always give support to multipliers in their activities by keeping the multipliers up to date on European youth mobility issues and Eurodesk news, translating learning mobility information in the local languages, providing communication materials and organising meetings at national level.


National Eurodesk Centres also keep in contact with their multipliers online through the Eurodesk intranet and onsite through visits to Eurodesk multipliers offices, if help is needed.

International training and seminar opportunities

The Eurodesk Qualifying Training Programme aims to support Eurodesk multipliers with knowledge and skills that are relevant to inform, guide and empower young people to participate in learning mobility programmes.


The training modules take place nationally in local language but also internationally during an international seminar once per year. This seminar gives the chance to meet and build partnerships with Eurodesk multipliers from all over Europe. Additional international seminar, fair or training opportunities are also promoted in the Eurodesk network.

Most of the countries have an established national Eurodesk network, some work only with a few multipliers, and others are actively looking for more partners at local level. If you are interested to partner with Eurodesk, please contact your country's national coordinating office, visit their website listed on the right or get in touch instantly with Eurodesk via Facebook Messenger to enquire about the possibilities to work with us.


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