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Eurodesk's Pool of Trainers is a compilation of well-selected trainers and facilitators in the network who have experience working with Eurodesk. They are familiar with Eurodesk's Learning and Development Plan, Eurodesk Mobility Advisor Competence Framework, principles and values. Our trainers have a good understanding of how the network is structured at large, the strengths and challenges experienced across the network at the local and national levels. All the trainers have years of experience in non-formal education settings, youth work and have agreed to come together to offer a preferential rate for their services.




If you have a training session or seminar in mind and you are in need of a trainer, a facilitator or training designer, send a request to us via the button at the bottom of this page.



Your request will be forwarded to the Pool of Trainers and they will have the opportunity to answer your request within the given deadline.



You will then have one or more offers, all with the preferential rate of 300 EUR/day* (excluding travel and accommodation) and you can then proceed with your selection.

*The Trainers have agreed to provide a preferential rate of their services to the Eurodesk Network. The agreement is of 300 euro/day excluding travel and accommodation.



Daniele Nubile

Expertise Eurodesk Mobility Advisor Competence Framework, multipliers network meetings
Languages Italian, English, German
Format: online & in-person

With a background in computer engineering, I found myself catapulted into the world of European non-formal education and, passionate about the holistic dimension of learning, I never left it. For more than 10 years, I have covered different roles, from youth worker to mentor, from project coordinator and manager to trainer, always with the underlying aim of empowering the recipients of each project, creating the conditions for them to engage in self-development. My expertise includes topics as Education to sustainable development, Active Citizenship, emotional intelligence and learning, which I explore applying a competence-based approach. As a passionate advocate of learner-centredness and self-directed learning, I recognise that education transcends cognitive realms. Emotions, attitudes, and diversity are vital components of holistic learning. My approach encompasses these dimensions, fostering an environment of inclusion where emotional dynamics are harnessed to support each learner's journey.


Magdalena Jakubowska

Expertise QTP M3, Euroclasses
Languages Polish, English, French, Luxembourgish
Format: online & in-person

Working as passionate trainer and facilitator of group and individual learning, I support learners with transferring various theories to their daily realities and motivating them to develop the competences needed. I pay attention to building honest and comfortable working atmosphere for individuals and teams where they can step out of their comfort zones, enjoy authentic meeting with others and transform their intuitions into value proposition.


Wawrzyniec Pater

Expertise QTP M1, M2, M3, Euroclasses: Euro-Participation, Euro-Volunteering, Euro-Working, Euro-Activism, Europrojects (PL module), Eurodesk Mobility Advisor Competence Framework
Languages English, Polish
Format: online & in-person

I have been the coordinator of the Eurodesk Poland network since 2003. Throughout these years I have delivered dozens of training sessions and workshops to multipliers and young people. I can deliver a training of modules 1, 2 and 3 of Eurodesk Qualifying Training Programme as well as a Competence Framework. In addition, I can train the trainers on how to deliver Euroclasses for young people: Euro-Volunteering, Euro-Participation, Euro-Opportunities and Euro-Work. I am able to adapt all the training modules to the needs of participants and, if necessary, supplement them with extra activities on communication, networking and gamification.


Diana Kovačić

Expertise Multipliers network meetings, QTP: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, Euroclasses: Euro-Participation, Euro-Volunteering, Euro-Activism, 
Languages English, Croatian
Format: online & in-person

Born in1982 in Rijeka (Croatia). Graduated teacher with 5 years of experience in public elementary school. Continues work as Head of Mediation Centre Rijeka and a mediation trainer in the educational system for 10 years. As youth information worker in Regional youth information centre specializes in youth information work and youth policy as member of National working group for structural dialog. Continues career in Association Žmergo as an education program coordinator and head of a „green“ local youth information centre. Experienced trainer, speaker, facilitator on national and international events, author of several manuals and kits in the field of youth work, youth information and counselling, youth policy, volunteering, school led youth project in community and mediation. Enjoys designing and delivering trainings offline and online.


Giovanni Maccioni

Expertise: Eurodesk Mobility Advisor Competence Framework, European Competence Framework for Youth Information Workers (#YouthInfoComp), Open Badge system
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
Format: online & in-person

I have been working for Eurodesk Italy in the last 20 years. Among many other tasks, I carry out training activities for Eurodesk Multipliers and National Coordinators at European and National level. I contributed to the creation of the Quality Catalogue of the Eurodesk network and the Eurodesk Mobility Advisor Profile. I was involved as a trainer in a various projects about guidance and recognition of competences, including a lab on empowering young people within the frame of the 'Your First EURES Job' initiative.


Nino Versace

Expertise Multipliers network meetings, QTP: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, Euroclasses: Euro-Participation, Euro-Volunteering, Euro-Activism
Languages English, Spanish, Italian
Format: online & in-person 

More than 10 years as trainer and advisor both in Italy and Spain. I took part in more than 30 training activities at local, national and international level, regarding Youth In Action program, Erasmus+, Europe for citizens, Youth Guarantee, COSME, etc. I'm also a youth worker in Galicia region, organizing informative sessions and workshops about mobility opportunities for young people in Europe, how to fight against fake news, euroscepticism, and IT tools for youth workers.


Zora Csalagovits

Expertise QTP: M2, M3, M4, M5
Languages English, French, Hungarian
Format: online & in-person

A senior trainer and consultant with a rich history of working in Learning and Development. Skilled in Coaching and working with Groups, Non-Formal Educational methodology, Diversity & Inclusion management, Graphic Facilitation. Passionate about Creativity and Visualization as supporting tools in learning. Her clients vary from NGOs, global companies to public bodies; she has been also working with the Eurodesk network for 10 years. “I have worked with groups and individuals for the past 16 years, gathering experience in training, facilitating and coaching. I feel grateful to be able to have a profession that I am passionate about; creating meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences are at the core of my professional mission.” “I have worked with groups and individuals for the past 16 years, gathering experience in training, facilitating and coaching. I feel grateful to be able to have a profession that I am passionate about; creating meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences are at the core of my professional mission.”


Berat Ezel

Expertise QTP: M1, M2, M4, M5, Eurodesk Mobility Advisor Competence Framework, Euroclasses: Euro-Activism
Languages English, Turkish
Format: online & in-person (prefer in person training)

An active youth worker, and senior trainer working in the fields of entrepreneurship, social cohesion, participation, youth information, and inclusion since 2001. Apart from being a member of trainers' pools of NAs, Youth for Understanding, the Youth Express Network, and Youth at Work Partnership, he also works as a freelance consultant for the private sector and a learning designer through experiential learning. For the last years, he was focusing on the mental health and well-being of youth workers, design thinking, and outdoor education; the areas he finds his passion in. Creating a safe and effective learning environment for learners, having experience in managing large networks, and empowering volunteers and youth workers are the most valuable parts of his professional life.


Darko Markovic

Expertise Eurodesk Competence Framework, QTP M3 Languages English, Serbian http://www.innside.co.rs/

Darko Markovic, born in Belgrade in 1972, living in Europe. He is a systemic coach, trainer and consultant, owner of Inn.Side – learning and development. In first 20 years of his consultancy experience, he has been working in more than 30 countries with a large variety of clients, including private companies, international organisations, European institutions, National agencies, SALTO resource centres, governments, entrepreneurs, NGOs, trainers, teachers, coaches, youth workers, etc. Some typical assignments include organisational transformation, leadership development, team development solutions, training for trainers and mentors. His expertise includes Mentoring and Coaching, Training for Trainers, Leadership development, Recognition of Non-formal Learning, Competence Development, Organisational Development, Change Management. He has been supporting Eurodesk in the development of the competency framework for mobility advisors and related tools. He is engaged in strategic and policy initiatives in the fields of recognition of non-formal learning in Europe. He is the author of several handbooks and publications in these areas.


Lucie Schubert (Frisova)

Expertise QTP M1, M2, M3
Languages English, Czech, Slovak

I have been working as an NA (Youth in Action, Erasmus+) trainer since 2004, working on many international training and educational projects. Since 2011 I support the networks of Eurodesk multipliers and regional consultants in Czech Republic and Slovakia as a trainer and a facilitator on a regular basis. As a former youth worker and social worker, I currently work with QTP and generally steering the community of multipliers. I am a member of several pool of trainers (YFJ, NAs, IYNF etc.), working as freelance facilitator for institutions, government, business and NGOs in the NFE field, and on the topics of education, facilitations, business training, sustainable „green“ event management, and design of educational activities. I enjoy working with diverse methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean canvas, Art of hosting, Photovoice etc. For more information please visit my SALTO profile: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/toy/lucie-schubert.1063/


Imre Enyedi

Expertise QTP M1, M2, M3
Languages English, Hungarian
Format: online & in-person

Professional youth worker, 36 years old. He is the regional Eurodesk coordinator since 2013, Eurodesk multiplier since 2007. More than 12 years of active trainer experience especially on volunteering - EVS, Erasmus+ Volunteering, ESC. In the last decade he organized several international youth projects in Europe and even beyond too. He was a member of the EBL Eurodesk QTP program Training Design Team. He is an expert of the Eurodesk trainings QTP M1,M2,M3. Member of the Hungarian National Agency Trainers Pool. Working close connection with local Youth Council. He has experience as trainer, facilitator, project coordinator in national and international level.


Write us an email by clicking on the button on the right. Don't forget to include these in your mail:
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  • Kind of expertise you are looking for and what your expectations are from the trainer
  • Task you have in mind (take into account preparation days and follow-up)
  • Deadline to express interest


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