One year after the start of the war: Eurodesk calls for peace!

24 February 2023

A year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Eurodesk stands still in its position: war is never acceptable, for any reason, in any circumstances. 

What has been going on for a year is a major throwback to times in history that we all hoped to have left behind. Centuries of violence have proven that to no extent a civil society can accept or justify war as a way of solving international controversies. Violence only opens the doors to new violence, new inequalities, new crises. 

As a European youth information service, Eurodesk has always seen peace as a pillar of

European values. Every day, we promote international solidarity and collaboration to overcome any kinds of division and discrimination that exists in our society. We inform youngsters about the importance of mobility, learning new cultures and getting in touch with different people, to understand how diversity is a resource and not an issue. But this cannot happen in a world where war is still considered an option. 

Like a year ago, we express our greatest sympathy for the Ukrainian people, who are now suffering from a tragedy that affects not only them but Europe as a whole. We ask for a complete withdrawal of the Russian troops and the trial of those who started the war, violated all international norms and committed the most serious war crimes. We stand with the people of Ukraine, asking for the immediate stop of the war operations, for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and for the Russian recognition of Ukraine as an independent, democratic country.

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