Euroclasses is a Eurodesk project aimed to raise awareness about European opportunities. All the classes have been designed for young people, they are based on non-formal methods. Different thematic modules are available. 


The classes are impartial and purely informational. They aim to offer a space to share basic information on European themes such as volunteering and working abroad, discover new horizons and reflect on societal challenges. 


The classes are run by youth workers and trainers in organisations which are members of Eurodesk. Not all Eurodesk Centres run this project. If you are interested in running such modules in your school/university/youth centre, check whether the Eurodesk Centre in your country can deliver the classes.

What does it mean to go abroad to volunteer? How to look for information? What are existing programmes supporting volunteering projects? During the class, participants start with defining volunteering, take part in a quiz about volunteering programmes and role-play. In the longer version they find out what role volunteering plays in the European Union.   This module helps participants to understand what volunteering abroad entails, the social values it carries and how they could benefit from such an opportunity thanks to EU programmes such as the European Solidarity Corps.

Can young people shape their future through active participation in political processes? What does it mean to be a European citizen? What do they stand for? This class helps participants to focus on the big picture of changing Europe, its governance and its decision-making processes. It also tackles EU values and citizenship. Finally, it empowers young people to understand how they can participate actively and influence EU decisions.

What’s the place of young people as EU citizens? How to make a change in their local and global communities? This class will give them insights on how to become a change maker in Europe and discover how the EU can support them in this path. They will discover tools and methods to build their participatory projects.

The module provides an overview of the motivations for working abroad and different types of working opportunities. Participants will find out what sources of information are safe and relevant. They also receive support in building their CV, identifying his/her competences and are given tips to problem solving when abroad. 

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Access the Euro-Working publication here.