Eurodesk Survey 2017 report about mobility and role of youth information is released

09 February 2018

Eurodesk's first European-wide research report has been released. The report focuses on the level of access to youth information about mobility opportunities and tracks young people’s preference in looking for, receiving and engaging with information.

More and more research shows that learning mobility has a positive effect on personal development, on employment and building a sense of European identity. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to access these mobility opportunities because of a series of challenges. The Eurodesk survey shows that financial obstacles remain a widespread obstacle, and that lack of information about opportunities is one of the main reasons for the lack of participation of non-mobile youth (46%).*


Media literacy has become a more apparent policy priority with the advancement of digital technology and content. Being able to engage with information is a critical means to be able to participate in society. The survey shows that a loud minority (38%) of the respondents perceive that the level of access to youth information about mobility is either limited or non-existent in their own country. When engaging with content 35% believe the information was easy to find, 44% find the information easy to understand and 56% trusted the information they found. Director of Eurodesk Brussels Link, Audrey Frith comments:


Eurodesk is a strong advocate for making sure all young people are given an equal access to quality mobility opportunities. Specialised information services such as us are particularly valuable in the digital area as young people are confronted with an overload of information. For this, we cannot rely on technology only, we need to provide human resources to accompany young people in their paths.


The research report continues to investigate preferred channels of interaction and receiving information. It continues with exploring the expectations young people have on the services provided by mobility advisors and actors working with young people. Lastly it concludes with a chapter of further recommendations for European and national stakeholders:




With regards to the outcomes of this survey, Eurodesk recommends that:

    • The European Commission dedicates a horizontal priority to youth information in the next EU Youth Strategy, in order to overcome obstacles related to information, to more actively promote youth rights and opportunities, and to ensure that the coming generations remain media literate, well-informed and engaged in democratic life.


    • The European institutions incorporate comprehensive youth information goals to their strategic frameworks for opportunities directed to young people and in the implementation of activities and programmes aimed at young people. Funding should support the political will of reaching these goals. The Eurodesk network, with over 1000 multipliers in 34 countries, should expand to make sure young people have access to trained mobility advisors at the regional and local level.


    • By allowing more evidence-based policies that support research on mobility and the role of youth information, Trans-sector cooperation in the field of quality information should be fostered and encouraged through e.g. Horizon2020 and ESF. This would support the provision of quality information to young people in partnerships with educational institutions, libraries and other essential structures.


    Read the research report and the recommendations here.


    About the Eurodesk Survey

    The Eurodesk Survey is a new project of Eurodesk. It is an online European-wide survey, carried out and published by Eurodesk Brussels Link. The 2017 edition reached 939 respondents from 34 countries in Europe, targeting people from 15 to over 30 years old. The survey aims to gathers the experiences of mobile and non-mobile youth and young adults, researching different aspects related to information and learning mobility.


    *Non-mobile respondents

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