Call for expert: Handbook on Eurodesk internal structures (deadline extended)

16 August 2022

Eurodesk is characterised by an important diversity in terms of national legal frameworks and structures. This diversity is a strength as it allows our services to be delivered in a flexible way, adapted to national realities. However, it also represents a challenge as each country has to find its own way of structuring its national networks.

The need to provide clear guidelines and models on how to structure the Eurodesk network, how to select and contract multipliers and ambassadors and clarify their roles, and better define what’s the place for young people in our network, has emerged in recent years. In addition, it would be important to understand the main challenges and opportunities and identify and share successful models and recommendations to recruit, manage and motivate Eurodesk multipliers and ambassadors as well as young ambassadors.

The result of the research will be a handbook with a description of who is who in the network (roles, etc.), practical guidelines on how best to structure the Eurodesk national networks with various models adapted to the size of the country, and other parameters to define. It will also contain country profiles. The researcher is expected to provide a clear methodology to analyse the situation and propose hands-on solutions to our network.

Eurodesk Brussels Link is looking for an expert with:

  • Practical expertise and conceptual/theoretical knowledge in the field of organisational management, in youth (information) work or very similar field;
  • Experience in authoring and editing publications and developing pedagogical guidelines for European or national networks;
  • Experience with efficiently involving stakeholders during the development process;
  • Capacity to research on a European scale, dealing with national perspectives and finding common points;
  • Understanding of cultural differences and youth work field in different European countries;
  • Strong written and verbal English skills, proven experience in writing in English publication is a strong advantage;
  • Organised and structured working methods;
  • Practical mindset and structured approach (the results have to be used / applicable by our national Eurodesk coordinators).

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To apply, please send us your CV and answer the following questions in a short letter (max. 4 pages):

  • What is your motivation and experience to work on this research project?
  • What is your foreseen approach and methodology to provide solutions to our needs?
  • What are your previous experiences on similar projects/publications?

Please indicate in your offer:

  • A total quote (including VAT) for your offer.
  • How many days you foresee working on the project.
  • Do not include any production costs (e.g. graphic designer, printing).

Deadline to apply: extended to 11 September 23:59 CEST.

Send your application to: [email protected]

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