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05 March 2024

Eurodesk is happy to announce that the YIminds report on “Youth Information minding young people’s mental health” is now available! Coordinated by ERYICA, this project aims to develop the capacity of our sector in the field of mental health. 

Did you know that 2 out of 3 youth (information) workers have already been in a situation of supporting young people showing signs of distress or mental health problems? And that a majority do not have protocols in place in their organisations to face such situations? Should we leave mental health to experts or shall we equip our sector to play its role in supporting young people’s well being?

At Eurodesk we believe that we need to do something, at our level. We are not experts, but we are in daily contact with young people. Sadness, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, academic pressure, and helplessness are the most cited symptoms reported by the respondents of the YIminds survey, followed by sleep difficulties, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.That’s why we joined forces with ERYICA in the YIminds project. Together with the 8 project partners, we aim to do our part to tackle this important challenge.

Guide on Mental Health Literacy in Youth Information Work, February 2024

The guide will equip youth (information) work professionals to identify mental health distress among young people, to provide first-hand support, and, when needed, to refer them to specialised services.

Download the publication


YIminds Survey Report

YIminds is a comprehensive report that provides insights into young mental health in the European Union.

It’s an essential resource for anyone who cares about young people's mental health and would like to provide them with appropriate support.

Check it here!

More resources will come with this project, check the project page for more.


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