Eurodesk launches its 2024 European Elections campaign

17 November 2023

Under the slogan ‘Don’t let others choose for you’ the Eurodesk EU Elections 2024 campaign will run across Europe from November 2023 to June 2024. Our goal is to motivate young people, especially first-time voters, to participate in the upcoming elections.


Throughout 2023 and 2024, the Eurodesk network will organise more than a hundred Euroclasses. These activities, led by our skilled Eurodesk multipliers, use non-formal education methods to help young people understand the voting process and the significance of the EU Elections 2024. Alongside these events, we will conduct a digital campaign featuring podcasts, youth voices and contests to help inform young people about the importance of voting when defending any causes or values.


Eurodesk will engage young people through various non-formal activities and competitions. On our website, the first video competition is open on the topic of: ‘If you were the President of the European Parliament, what would you do for young people?’ with a chance to win an Interrail ticket. We count on everyone to relay this information.

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