Statement by the Eurodesk Network in support of Ukraine: we call for peace!

24 February 2022

We, the Eurodesk Network representing 36 countries working towards helping young people take active part in building an inclusive, peaceful, democratic and solidary society, are gravely concerned about the Russian government’s attack on Ukraine.

Eurodesk reaffirms its solidarity with the people of Ukraine, its Eurodesk partners and colleagues, as well as young people in Ukraine. Your pain and fight are our tragedies, too. We stand with you! There is no other way than peace.

Eurodesk is strongly calling for a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the conflict, and stands for a free and sovereign Ukraine. What is happening is unacceptable and shatters the foundational principles and values of international law that have kept peace and prosperity for many generations in Europe. It takes us back to the darkest moments of European history.

Eurodesk has been informing young people about discovering Europe, its cultural diversity and richness. Ukraine joined the Eurodesk Network in 2019, with the will to give opportunities and hopes to its youth.

Outrageous attacks have to cease and we call on the EU institutions and its Member States to find diplomatic solutions to end this conflict and build a peaceful future for everyone, especially young people in Europe.

During the European Year of Youth, in which we celebrate our youth, we cannot let the future of young people of Ukraine and Russia be destroyed.

Many Ukrainian young people and students are in different parts of Europe now and need our support and guidance, and we are requesting the European Commission and governments to assist them.

Eurodesk calls for an immediate cease fire, and for peaceful solutions to be found.

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