Open Call for Applications - Expert on Youth Participation in Youth Information

10 March 2022

Youth participation is an area of particular importance in youth work in general, and in youth information in particular. The participation of young people has significance on several different levels and aspects, as expressed by the motto “nothing about youth without youth”. The involvement of young people in youth information design, delivery, dissemination, and evaluation is key for their active citizenship, for service innovation, and for reaching out to more young people. Their participation in professional development processes ensures that the final product answers their existing and future needs and preferences – and the list goes on. Youth information is also essential to ensure access to participation opportunities and to make informed decisions, as there is no participation without information.


What is the meaning of youth participation in youth information? How do different services across Europe involve young people in the design, provision, dissemination, and evaluation of youth information services and products? Can we create a pattern of youth information participation models and examples? How do youth information services across Europe make use of technology to increase the engagement of young people?


Eurodesk Brussels Link and the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) are looking for an expert to lead the development of a guide on youth participation in youth information with the aim of addressing these questions and many others that may emerge in the process.


Besides grounding the work on their own experience and contributions, the author will be supported by an editorial team composed of representatives of the ERYICA and Eurodesk headquarters and international experts. They will provide input and assistance for the design of the Guide, which will be published by the end of 2022 as a long-term legacy to the European Year on Youth.


The engagement includes:

1. Concept outline and desk research:

  • Proposing a detailed concept for the Guide (chapter outline, format, approach, contributions, etc.).
  • Conducting desk research to identify relevant publications, resources, and good practice examples (repository).
  • Process the outcomes of a preliminary survey that ERYICA and Eurodesk will launch and collect additional data if needed.
  • Building up on existing publications and resources in the field of youth participation, youth information and youth work, as well as from other sectors.
  • Presenting the concept in an online meeting with Eurodesk, ERYICA and the Steering Group and revise the concept based on the feedback.


2. Content development:

  • Handling the content development process including collecting and implementing feedback and input from the editorial team, Steering Group, youth information networks, and other relevant stakeholders. 3-4 meetings are foreseen in 2022 to brainstorm and collect input for the guide (parts 1 and 2). This requires facilitation of the process and compilation of the outcomes.
  • Complementing inputs with previous desk research to structure and write the content of the publication. The expert is expected to write the publication with support from the editorial team.
  • Finalising the content of the Guide on Youth Participation in Youth Information.


The guide will:

  • Be available for online and offline publication
  • Be in clear, easily understandable English language
  • Be illustrated by a graphic designer/illustrator (to be subcontracted separately by ERYICA and Eurodesk)
  • Have between 40 and 60 pages (before designing)


The publication will be a follow-up of the first publication released on Greening Youth Information services. This will give you a good idea of the expected result.


The work is expected to be carried out from April till October 2022.


The timeline of the process is:

  • Selection of the expert: end of March 2022
  • Start of the mandate and 1st meeting: 1 April 2022
  • 3-4 online meetings of the SG: April- October 2022
  • Final draft proposal for the Guide: 15 October 2022


We are looking for someone with:

  • Practical expertise and conceptual/theoretical knowledge in the field of youth participation.
  • Good knowledge of the European youth sector, youth work and/or youth information work.
  • Competencies and previous demonstrated experience in authoring and editing publications and developing educational materials and tools.
  • Experience with efficiently involving stakeholders during the development process.
  • Having led longer processes is seen as an advantage but not required.
  • Facilitation and leadership skills of intercultural teams is a plus.
  • Capacity and expertise to tackle projects on a European level and adopt a European perspective, respectful of diverse national and local situations.
  • Strong written and verbal English skills. Experience in writing English publications is seen as a strong advantage.
  • Strong analytical competences.
  • Organised and structured working methods.


Please indicate a total quote (including VAT) and quote for part 1 and 2 of the offer.

  • Do not include any production costs in the offer (graphic illustrator, proofreading service, printing).
  • ERYICA and Eurodesk will hold all usage and copyrights of publication, while naming the author of the publication.


To submit your proposal, please send us your CV and answer the following questions:

  • What is your motivation to work with the two networks on this topic?
  • What will you be able to bring in as an author? Share methodology and ways of working.
  • What is your previous experience on the topic and on this type of publication? Please share references to your work.


Please send your application no later than 18 March 2022 to [email protected].


The selection will be made by Eurodesk Brussels Link and the ERYICA Secretariat in late March 2022. Applicants will be notified by the end of March 2022.

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