Eurodesk Survey

The Eurodesk Survey is a multilingual European-wide survey published by Eurodesk Brussels Link. A questionnaire is developed and translated by the Eurodesk Network and then shared with young people all over Europe, through our network of multipliers, through collaborations with key stakeholders and partners, and through online channels.


The Eurodesk Survey aims to gather the experiences and opinions of young people and adults from 13 to over 35 years old. It researches different aspects related to youth information and learning mobility, targeting both mobile and non-mobile youth. It looks at the experiences young people have when searching for mobility information, which sources they prefer and how they would like to be approached. It looks at the obstacles and benefits of learning mobility, and asks young people for suggestions of how youth information on mobility opportunities can improve.


At the end of each edition, a report is released to highlight the results of the survey and suggest improvements for local, national and European actors.

The Eurodesk Survey is carried out every two years.