The Eurodesk Qualifying Training Programme (QTP) aims to support Eurodesk multipliers with basic knowledge, skills and values that are relevant to inform, guide and empower young people to participate in international mobility opportunities. Time commitment and dedication of Eurodesk multipliers to our mission is strong, passionate and therefore very precious and valuable to us. The Qualifying Training Programme represents a powerful learning tool to reach stronger quality standards for the services delivered by our multipliers who are in daily contact with young people.

The programme consists in three modules:

  • Module 1 – What is Eurodesk about?
  • Module 2 – International mobility programmes
  • Module 3 – Interacting with the audience
  • Module 4 – Communication

The QTP Programme consists essentially of non-formal education activities in order to propose fun, engaging and inspiring sessions on different topics that are relevant to the Eurodesk tasks of multipliers. The activities are run by professional trainers. In order to share expertise across the network, Eurodesk has set up a pool of Eurodesk trainers in capacity to deliver the modules.